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Between Shades of Gray Lina Is Just Like Any Other Fifteen Year Old Lithuanian Girl In She Paints, She Draws, She Gets Crushes On Boys Until One Night When Soviet Officers Barge Into Her Home, Tearing Her Family From The Comfortable Life They Ve Known Separated From Her Father, Forced Onto A Crowded And Dirty Train Car, Lina, Her Mother, And Her Young Brother Slowly Make Their Way North, Crossing The Arctic Circle, To A Work Camp In The Coldest Reaches Of Siberia Here They Are Forced, Under Stalin S Orders, To Dig For Beets And Fight For Their Lives Under The Cruelest Of Conditions Lina Finds Solace In Her Art, Meticulously And At Great Risk Documenting Events By Drawing, Hoping These Messages Will Make Their Way To Her Father S Prison Camp To Let Him Know They Are Still Alive It Is A Long And Harrowing Journey, Spanning Years And Covering , Miles, But It Is Through Incredible Strength, Love, And Hope That Lina Ultimately Survives Between Shades Of Gray Is A Novel That Will Steal Your Breath And Capture Your Heart

About the Author: Ruta Sepetys

1 New York Times Bestselling Author and Winner of the Carnegie Medal.Ruta Sepetys was born and raised in Michigan in a family of artists, readers, and music lovers The daughter of a refugee, Ruta is drawn to underrepresented stories of strength through struggle and hopes to give voice to those who weren t able to tell their story Her award winning historical novels are published in over fifty countries and have received over forty literary prizes.Forinformation

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    This is not a pretty book.Even though I found this novel exceptionally well written, it was not a pleasure to read It s about Lithuanians displaced to Siberian work camps during World War II It was pretty unflinchingly brutal, but here s why I think you ought to read it 1 It is a side of World War II that you might not have seen before I certainly hadn t heard these stories of displaced Europeans, and I have to say, having been to Lithuan

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    Really loved this book and it s story because I personally have never heard about this side of the war before and I m so grateful I know about it now.

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    Actual rating 4.5 starsAs soon as I saw this video, I knew I had to read this novel Between Shades of Gray isn t the type of book I d normally read, but I m extremely glad that I decided to read it Lina is a very strong and courageous character Despite the situation Lina is placed in at the young age of fifteen, she audaciously chooses to write about the terrible cruelties the Soviets are doing to those around her as well as her family and herself Lina

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    My thoughts in a nutshell Between Shades of Gray is a harrowing read My thoughts will be shorter this time because I couldn t say anything about this horrid occasion The story is about Skip over this point if you don t like the sneak peek A Lithuanian girl Lina and her family will be deported to Siberia She has to learn to survive in a work camp without food or clean clothes They have to work in terrible circumstances to avoid starvation Lina is an artist She

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    I don t know what the educational plan looks like in other Canadian provinces it should be quite similar to Quebec s but where I went to high school we learned so little about the social consequences of World War II, so I m grateful I have books like BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY to enlighten me on the subject Here s the thing this is different from Ruta Sepetys other novels Maybe because it s her first one, I don t know, but suffice it to say, it s not as impossible to pu

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    Um so I m a bit torn on this one but I m going to rate it 3.5 stars I think what made it worse was all the bloody hype like with Matched that made me think this was going to blow my mind and it kind of just, well, didn t.It was an interesting history lesson My knowledge of Soviet activities was previouslypolitical than social and anything I did know of thepersonal impact on people s lives was what I d gained from German museums telling the story of the Berlin wall It s tr

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    Exactly a year before, the Soviets have begun moving troops over the borders into the country Then, in August, Lithuania was officially annexed into the Soviet Union When I complained at the dinner table, Papa yelled at me and told me to never, ever say anything derogatory about the Soviets He sent me to my room I didn t say anything out loud after that But I thought about it a lot.Despite her father s caution, 15 year old Lena Vilkas, her 10 year old brother Jonas and their mot

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    I was so taken by the story of Lina and her family and all of the others that came to life here as they were deported from their homes in Lithuania, by Stalin s Russians to a work camp in Siberia It s a devastatingly sad story of fictional characters but what makes it evenheartbreaking is that this story reflects a true story of a genocide that took the lives of over 20 million people I am especially saddened by the fact that I knew pretty much nothing about it and I am grateful to the

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    Now my heart sank into my stomach where the bile began to chew itStep on my heart, cut it wide open, rub it with salt and feed it to the sharks. Or just make me read this book, because this is how it feels like reading this story.How can I call wonderful a book full of so many horrors But I will, because it really is, and what pains me the most is that it s all true, that this is a really tiny part of the darkest piece of our history as human beings.You thought this was repugnantNow my heart s

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    ruta sepetys has stated that when survivors are gone, we have the obligation to not let the truth disappear with them that we need to give them a voice and i think she does that so perfectly with this novel.what i really appreciated about this book in particular was the awareness brought to one aspect of WWII that tends to be forgotten i see countless of stories about the atrocities hitler condoned against the jewish, and i think we all tend to get caught up in that that we forget there was m ruta se

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