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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs The Beloved, Bestselling Tale Of Edible Weather Is Brought To Life If Food Dropped Like Rain From The Sky, Wouldn T It Be Marvelous Or Would It It Could, After All, Be Messy And You D Have No Choice What If You Didn T Like What Fell Or What If Too Much Came Have You Ever Thought Of What It Might Be Like To Be Squashed Flat By A Pancake

About the Author: Judi Barrett

Judi Barrett is the author of many well loved books for children, including Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Pickles to Pittsburgh, Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing, and Things That Are Most in the World She teaches art to kindergarten students at a school in her Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood And she usually doesn t mind going to the dentist

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    In case you re wondering, I m doing everything I can so I don t go back to the Crooked Kingdom DAgain, I didn t know this is a book I ve seen both animated movies and I liked them This is a slightly different story, but it s beautiful nonethele

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    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a cult classic children s book by Judi Barrett along with illustrations by Ron Barrett and it is about a magical town called Chewandswallow chew and swallow, get it where food just falls from the sky and provi

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    I saw previews for this movie and it seemed to ever loving stupid to me Still, I gave the book a chance and it was amazing The idea is so fresh and new and unusual and strange Why hasn t someone thought of this before now The story is told as a bed

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    While Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a fun romp, both the narrative and the illustrations show rather vividly how food can become a rather massive problem when it is uncontrollable or uncontrolled The story actually seems to combine two Europea

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    OK, this was really my favorite book for most of my childhood I would pretend to read it before I could actually read I had simply memorized it from hearing it so many times and I remember feeling sooo guilty about all the praise I got for being such a

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    Oh, I just loved this book The irony I think this book hadn t appealed to me that much because of the meatballs Even though I like premises that are silly First, I assumed the story would be all about meatballs but it was actually about all sorts of food

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    I know I read this as a kid but for some reason it didn t leave me with a big lasting impression or any sort of feeling I could really latch onto when I thought about the book as an adult So, I came to it fresh, in a way And I was MAJOR impressed The story

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    As one of my favorite books when I was a little girl I revisit this book every few years to see if it still holds up to what I remembered loved And It is still in my top 5 Favorite books of all time The story is cute endearing while being silly playfully sem

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    The movie adaptation is wonderful and so is this book I loved the illustrations Although the plot is very plain and childlike that s why it is a children s book yet I loved it.I wish there were a place like Chewandswallow P

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    I loved this book The artwork is wonderful and the way the text is so dry and matter of fact is so funny I can t wait to see the film.

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