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Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1) “Do as they say or die in the dungeons,” the poor storekeepers would say “Do as they say or disappear,” the commoners would warn But Venir and Melegal could not have cared less what anyone had to say They had been this way since their childhoodAs the underlings rally all of the evil forces they can muster to destroy the mystical and legendary Darkslayer, something unexpected has upset the delicate balance between good and evil on the world called Bish, making the Darkslayer a pawn in other insidious disputesStrife and turmoil are constant features of life as humans struggle to survive among a wide array of creatures, including orcs, ogres, and the most evil of all—the underlings When recklessness provokes a Royal household, Venir is forced to flee the city, along with his great twoheaded dog and his comrade, the skinny thief Melegal The Royals and underlings soon unleash some unusual powers against him and start to close in Facing the final showdown, nothing unfolds as it should Mind blowing!The narrator's creativity in this story, blew me away! The story is just as phenomenal I was hooked in the 1st 5 minutes The sound effects brought the imagination to the forefront The book is picture perfect as if I was watching the movie! The world building is superb! I can't wait to finish this story! I liked this book It is so much like the old fantasy adventure stories from my youth that I felt like I was in a time warp Imagine the great stories of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and you will have an interesting parallel to this book.The book is full of action and keeps you at the edge of your seat, wondering what is going to happen next Sometimes however, this can create a meandering feel to it Each episodic scene could sometimes feel disconnected to the overall plot line I enjoyed the characters and their relationships to each other I would have liked to see a littledevelopment, but I don’t think that this book was designed for that.It is a fun, romping read in a welldeveloped setting that keeps your interest, without a ton of deep thinking—Just as it was designed I suggest you read this book, if you enjoy tales of daringdo! AUTHOR: Craig….wow you are longwinded I can see where this book could have been chopped possible into another book Many adventures Many creatures Many actions, incidences, travels OMGoodness Slow down Craig and let my brain catch up GENRE: Science fiction.SETTING: world of BishCENTRAL MALE CHARACTER: Venir, a warrior Melegal, a thief SYNOPSIS: Venir is battle strong and always battle ready He is also hated by the Underlings who want to destroy him Melegal, his shadow, is always ready to make coin from Venir’s strength Together life takes them everywhere to battle anything on the world of Bish.SEXUAL EXPLICITNESS: Nothingthan the characters carousing Nothing explicit.WHAT I LIKED: How Bish was created and the overall characteristics of Bish.WHAT I DID NOT LIKE: Too many characters in one book Let’s see Humans, Orcs, Halforcs, Dwarves, Gnolls, Underlings, Kobold bandits, Arachnamen, the Royals, Blood Rangers, the Vicious, etc etc I give this book (3) stars because too much Scifi in one book As previously stated, “difficult to wrap my head around so many separate events and characters in one book”. A grand Swords and Sorcery epicCraig Halloran has really cast the fireball out of the arena here with tantalizing style Accurate elements right out of your favorite gaming scenarios, in a easily digestible feast for most everyone who appreciates the fantasy genre A bit of Elric but not nearly as bleak AIt's an enjoyable read that has me thinking I need to pick upof his work.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 326 pages
  • Wrath of the Royals (The Darkslayer, #1)
  • Craig Halloran
  • English
  • 17 November 2017

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