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The Beekeeper's Apprentice Long Retired, Sherlock Holmes Quietly Pursues His Study Of Honeybee Behavior On The Sussex Downs He Never Imagines He Would Encounter Anyone Whose Intellect Matched His Own, Much Less An Audacious Teenage Girl With A Penchant For Detection Miss Mary Russell Becomes Holmes S Pupil And Quickly Hones Her Talent For Deduction, Disguises And Danger But When An Elusive Villain Enters The Picture, Their Partnership Is Put To A Real Test

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    It might have been a matter of timing, or the way I experience the Sherlock Holmes canon, it might even be all Jeremy Brett s fault Or even Hugh Laurie s The fact is I didn t really like The Beekeeper s Apprentice.The three main reasons MaryIt s been a long time since I come across such a Mary Sue Her gifts just keep piling up at an incredible speed from the first moment we and

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    Sherlock Holmes pastiche continuation fanfic in which Holmes, retired to beekeeping in Sussex, is so impressed by the intelligence of 15 year old feminist Mary Sue Russell that he decides to take her on as his apprentice detective Wacky adventures ensue.Okay There were some good things about this book King s prose is enjoyable enough, and her dialogue is suitably witty The narra

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    My friend Veronica Belmont recommended this book and after I watched the first episode of season 2 of the BBC Sherlock OMG IT IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS I got fixated on Holmes and needed this book.IT S SO GOOD What a great reinterpretation of Holmes and his young apprentice, who grows to become his equal The partnership that is formed between the two of them is so organic and believabl

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    4.0 stars I went through a lot of turmoil both in deciding to read this book and then while I was reading it The Pre read turmoil stems from the fact that while I have always liked the idea of the character of Sherlock Holmes, I have not always enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories that I have read They have been a bit dry for my taste However, I LOVED The Improbable Adventures of S

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    Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of mystery novels I especially love the character of Sherlock Holmes, so I was very excited when I picked up The Beekeeper s Apprentice I really wanted to like this book, and hoped that it would propel me into a new and exciting mystery series.How wrong I was.First of all, Mary Russell, the narrator, may as well have been named Mary Sue R

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    Let s get this out of the way up front I m in the tank for Sherlockian pastiches That s not to say that I love them unreservedly and unabashedly, mind you, or even consume them in mass quantities but, it does mean that I m very open to them, particularly if they do one of two things 1 hew as closely as possible to the canonical stories in terms of style, feel, and setting, making al

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    Mary Russell, also known as The Beekeeper s Apprentice , proves to be a wonderful addition to the Sherlock Holmes mythos When 15 year old Mary Russell almost tripped over the peculiar man while he was obsessively studying his bees, she never imagined such an accidental and clumsy encounter would change her life forever But as it turns out, that man was semi retired detective Sherloc

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    Beautiful and entertaining I m not sure I ll read the next ones in the series, but The Beekeeper s Apprentice was even better than I expected.More detailed comment to follow

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    Ok, I got to page 60 and am calling it quits.The Watson bashing is already in full swing.There is a scene that was basically copied out of Pride and Prejudice.This is all wrong and too disturbing.I m sorry, I am just not compatible with pastiche when it concerns my favourite characters.

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    This was an easy read, nicely written with some interesting characters but a couple of problems for me Firstly I was uncomfortable with Mary only being fifteen She is a very mature fifteen but it seemed far fetched that she could have had the freedom to do as she does in this story Secondly I struggled with her relationship with Holmes The author tried to explain it as father daughter,

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