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Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit This Brilliant Study Of The Stages In The Mind S Necessary Progress From Immediate Sense Consciousness To The Position Of A Scientific Philosophy Includes An Introductory Essay And A Paragraph By Paragraph Analysis Of The Text To Help The Reader Understand This Most Difficult And Most Influential Of Hegel S Works

About the Author: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

German philosopher and one of the founding figures of German Idealism Influenced by Kant s transcendental idealism and Rousseau s politics, Hegel formulated an elaborate system of historical development of ethics, government, and religion through the dialectical unfolding of the Absolute Hegel was one of the most well known historicist philosopher, and his thought presaged continental philosophy, including postmodernism His system was inverted into a materialist ideology by Karl Marx, originally a member of the Young Hegelian faction.

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    In this debut novel, the multi talented Georg Hegel gives an edge of your seat, no holds barred, rip roaring ride through the dark and mysterious caverns of the criminal mind This romp em stop em tale traces the journey of a strapping, curious, yet fickle young man named Spirit Geist in the original German as his godlike intelligence leads him from the rough and tumble, animalistic mean streets of an unknown Caribb

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    If you d like to listen to this review, I recorded a podcast version, which you can find here Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is easily the most controversial of the canonical philosophers Alternately revered and reviled, worshiped or scorned, he is a thinker whose conclusions are almost universally rejected and yet whose influence is impossible to escape Like Herodotus, he is either considered to be the Father of History or If y

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    THE TRIBULATIONS OF A PROTO POST HEGELIAN PAGAN HEGEL BASHERFor the purposes of this undertaking, my accomplice DJ Ian and I I and I faked our way through reading DC Hegel in English and German English translation courtesy of Terry Pinkard with the aid of diverse comic strips, annotations, opinionators and unreliable narrators ProfessorIf you don t read Phenomenology of Spirit in German, you will never understand Hegel, let alon

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    I actually read almost all of this I would like a cookie.

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    This should really be getting both a 1 and a 5.

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    12 28 2016 this books has been weighing heavy on me for a long time This past week I ended up forcing my way through the last 300 pages with, I fear,haste than wisdom I m anxious to be done with Hegel for the sake of moving on to Marx.Do I have much insight No, not really Rumors of the book s barbaric syntax and inhospitable decor turn out to be 100% justified I normally get a lot of pleasure from reading philosophy, but can t say I found much here Of cour

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    G.W.F Hegel s Phenomenology of Spirit is one of the densest, most profound, and influential works in Western philosophy It is also, at points, one of the most incomprehensible books I have ever read About half way through this nearly 600 page book, I thought to myself, There is no way that I am going to be able to finish reading this I did finish it, however, and it was well worth while Phenomenology of Spirit is notoriously difficult for a number of reasons This

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    Writing a Review of Hegel s Phenomenology is a fool s errandHere s a famous passage you should always hold in mind when you get to thinking that Hegel s all dry humourless spiritless dry as bone abstraction Miller s page 210 the same conjunction of the high and the low which, in the living being, Nature naively expresses when it combines the organ of its highest fulfilment, the organ of generation, with the organ of urination Organs des Pissens The infinite judgement, q

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    I ve been reading this book for almost three years now, extremely slowly and meticulously, and I have to say that for all its painful dialectical twists and turns it is grossly incandescent, to say the least To read this whole thing is almost an education unto itself It s tought me a lot first and foremost, to quote Ariana Grande, love, patience and pain It literally retaught me how to read It s a painstaking process It s hard But it s rewarding, so very rewarding This isn t a

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