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Outstanding Translations By Leading Contemporary Scholars Many Commissioned Especially For This Volume Are Presented Here In The First Single Edition To Include The Entire Surviving Corpus Of Works Attributed To Plato In Antiquity In His Introductory Essay, John Cooper Explains The Presentation Of These Works, Discusses Questions Concerning The Chronology Of Their Composition, Comments On The Dialogue Form In Which Plato Wrote, And Offers Guidance On Approaching The Reading And Study Of Plato S WorksAlso Included Are Concise Introductions By Cooper And Hutchinson To Each Translation, Meticulous Annotation Designed To Serve Both Scholar And General Reader, And A Comprehensive Index This Handsome Volume Offers Fine Paper And A High Quality Smyth Sewn Cloth Binding In A Sturdy, Elegant Edition Plato

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    Complete Works, PlatoPlato was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world He is widely considered the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition Unlike nearly all of his philos

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    The dialogues of Plato have helped renew my faith in life and humanity In college I learned that 1 there is no truth, 2 every assertion is merely someone s perspective and 3 all meaningful inquiry involves a deconstruction of someone else s thoughts i.e someone deluded enough not to know that there isn t any truth an

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    It s practically a Bible.

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    In Greek literature, there are many authors who are excellent and a smaller subset whose ideas and technical literary skills are simply breathtaking Purely in terms of influence by which I mean the degree to which a particular author has reconfigured the intellectual landscape for future generations it is undisputed that t

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    Many reviewers have noted how this book is the Bible of Plato They are correct I recommend this book for anyone who plans to study Plato in depth Containing all the extant works of Plato, this book will not disappoint those who want to experience all of Plato s thought Most pages have footnotes explaining unclear references t

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    Well, I m not finished , you can t be finished with Plato, but I gotta move on I ll be coming back to this volume sooner or later.

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    As a pupil at one of the branches of the school of practical philosophy the school of economic science , I am keen to explore different philosopher s work in detail Plato, I find to be extremely transparent, very insightful and knowledgeable His dialogues in this collection come from various sources from his Republic, Phaedo, T

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    Other than the Bible, I m not sure there s a collection of writings that have influenced Western civilization than Plato s.Given it s cumbersome size, I had recently read many of the dialogues here in other translations in volumes of manageable size I read all the dialogues in this collection that I had not yet read elsewhere.

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    Farewell, study your philosophy, and try to interest the other young men in it Letter XIIIthese are the studies Whether they are difficult, whether they are easy, this is the way we must proceed Epinomis 992aIf we live truly the life of philosophy Letter VI __________I m not going to presume to review Plato s works I m not qualif

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    NB I did NOT read this kindle book, but did read the Compete Works of Plato translated by Jowett, however, it was so long it was printed in than one volume, this is the one I chose to use in fact, I read than 31 books, but not many .This rating is an average rating There are several works that are 4 and 5 star works make no mistake, Plato

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