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Deception Point When A New NASA Satellite Spots Evidence Of An Astonishingly Rare Object Buried Deep In The Arctic Ice, The Floundering Space Agency Proclaims A Much Needed Victorya Victory That Has Profound Implications For U.S Space Policy And The Impending Presidential Election With The Oval Office In The Balance, The President Dispatches White House Intelligence Analyst Rachel Sexton To The Milne Ice Shelf To Verify The Authenticity Of The Find Accompanied By A Team Of Experts, Including The Charismatic Academic Michael Tolland, Rachel Uncovers The Unthinkable Evidence Of Scientific Trickery A Bold Deception That Threatens To Plunge The World Into Controversy.But Before Rachel Can Contact The President, She And Michael Are Attacked By A Deadly Team Of Assassins Controlled By A Mysterious Power Broker Who Will Stop At Nothing To Hide The Truth Fleeing For Their Lives In An Environment As Desolate As It Is Lethal, Their Only Hope For Survival Is To Find Out Who Is Behind This Masterful Ploy The Truth, They Will Learn, Is The Most Shocking Deception Of All.

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    This was read at the tail end of my brief Dan Brown phase let he who has never enjoyed an airport bookstore novel cast the first stone , and by this point I was getting a little tired of Brown s storytelling formula And by formula , I really mean formula Here it is How To Make A Guaranteed Bestseller in Fifteen Minutes or Less 1 intelligent, book

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    The formula is pretty simple Big Mystery Male Protagonist Female Protagonist Code to Solve OMG TRAITOR WITH TWISTED MOTIVES Best Selling Novel.And it s worked, so I guess we can t hate on him too much There are people who swear his books are the best thing they ve ever read I certainly wouldn t say that But they are successful and I have to confess, e

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    I liked a lot this novel NASA AND MY PERSONAL ADMIRATION FOR THAT INSTITUTION In my mind, the men and women of NASA are history s modern pioneers They attempt the impossible, accept failure, and then back to the drawing board while the rest of us stand back and criticize. Back then in 2009, I found this novel by chance or fate.By then, I already knew who Dan Br

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    My aunt gave this to me to read..I of course hate Dan Brown but I figure it d be fast and I could thank her for it, mention some interesting tidbits that are no doubt sprinkled throughout the book for idiots, and feel good about family duty There is not one paragraph that is close to some acceptable literary decency In 2 pages he found it ok to mention coffee 5 time

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    Deception Point, Dan BrownDeception Point is a 2001 thriller novel written by Dan Brown.A NASA satellite finds evidence of a rare object buried deep in the Arctic ice, NASA proclaims a much needed victory that has profound implications for U.S space policy and the upcoming presidential election With the White House in the balance, the President dispatches White House Intelligence

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    The good ole days of Dan Brown, that s for sure This is by far his best book in my opinion The book is readable and lacks the self indulgence seen with so many other authors and so many other Dan Brown books

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